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RFP Administration

Request for Proposal

Does your organization lack controls and visibility into the Request for Proposal (RFP) response process? Do you have the correct content in the response? Is there a last minute scramble to meet the deadline?  Are you achieving the success you want when responding to RFPs?

Responding to RFPs before your competition could give you the edge you need. However, they can be an extremely time-consuming and anxiety-ridden process. The typical RFP is a significantly verbose document that looks more like a legal document than anything else, and has some very specific requirements. RCC’s team of industry experts has the tools and the experience required to ensure optimal completion. Our extensive experience with preparing and conducting RFPs for telecom and IT clients spans across companies in all sizes and industries. We have the ability to aid a client in all stages of response analysis from:

  • Developing template driven RFP.
  • Monitoring change management processes such as tracking changes and version control.
  • Automated review and approval workflow.
  • Tracking RFP response history.

In addition we speak with a variety of global IT-Telecom supplier teams daily. We know their products, pricing and delivery options, oftentimes better than they do themselves. We’ve witnessed their sales and negotiation tactics and we know how to counteract them. This along with our team’s understanding of the complex tactics that vendors use to win new business, enables us have an advantage. Put our experience and knowledge to work for you.