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Inventory Development


Inventory Development

Telecommunications providers are not infallible.

After 20 years of telecom deregulation, customer invoices are still as confusing as ever. What’s more, carriers cannot verify that your billing reflects your contract, or what you ordered. They assume it is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of your invoice, and when it comes to contract, it is not in their best interest to give you the lowest rate possible.

Let our telecommunications experts sort out the intricacies for you. With the rapidly changing inventory of wireless devices in use across your company, the effort can be mind-blowing and costly. After decades of monopolies, mergers, acquisitions and deregulations, carriers are unable to provide you with an accurate, readable telecom bill.

The Gartner Group, Forrester Research and Aberdeen Group have concluded that 7% – 12% of telecommunications related charges are incorrect.

Recovered Capital will determine if your costs are accurate, address any inconsistencies and ascertain if money is being spent wisely and efficiently.  Telecom expenses are out of control. Let us help you manage yours.