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Contract Review and Negotiations


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Contract Review and Negotiations

The science of Telecom Contracts is complex and, even worse, non-intuitive, as so many costs are buried in standard fees. Recovered Capital Corporation (RCC) knows the financial realities of the industry and which services should be bundled or not. Our consultants are telecom procurement specialists who know all the ins and outs of telecom contracts. We will ensure that you are getting the best possible services your company really needs at the lowest cost from the telecom companies and any other service providers. When opportunities for improvement are identified, we will quantify the potential savings, provide advice on the next steps and support telecom procurement in the negotiations process.

RCC offers proven solutions that reflect a balance of quality, service, and savings while maintaining your company’s culture and ensuring your confidentiality. Through such partnerships, our clients have reduced their telecom expenditures by as much as 20-40%. Our unique programs and processes are non-intrusive and have been streamlined so the majority of the work can be completed at our offices.

One of the problems with the bigger professional service companies is many are suffering from serious merger and acquisition integration problems. At RCC, we have been the same reputable company for 20 years providing cost recovery solutions to bottom line profit improvement that is measurable and sustainable. Discover Recovered Capital’s profit improvement and risk management solutions for your company. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.