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Cut Telecom Costs


In today’s industry of constant changing technology, companies are being challenged to keep up with the ever evolving global telecommunications services in order to manage and understand how and where their telecom expenses are being spent. Recovered Capital knows there are always new ways that can help your company cut costs, improve compliance and speed reimbursement.  Through many years of working with organizations of all sizes in all industries and global locations, we’ve gathered best practices that we’d like to share with you.

Our experts compile extensive information about your company’s telecom expenses and service contracts including:

local and international

voice & data services

mobile devices

voice over IP (VOIP) service

domestic and international internet access

multi-location data networking and VPS’s

private line services

MPLS and SIP trunking

voice and video conferencing services

high capacity bandwidth services

hosting and co-location services

Ethernet and fiber optic access

All are expertly scrutinized and benchmarked directly to current industry standards. We combine the latest data and information with over 20 years of reputable TEM experience. Recovered Capital Corporation can audit your Telecom Expenses and advise your company regarding options for obtaining the best value and making the most of today’s technologies.